Covid 19 Update

I have just updated my Screenskills covid 19 course

As the world starts production again it is important to keep everyone safe and well.

I have undertaken 2 Covid 19 Safety courses and will be applying my knowledge to all future shoots.

All crew need to be aware that Covid 19 concerns may mean the sound department will take a little longer to prepare. Obviously not as long as other departments, but, extra time needs to be factored in.

Wherever possible the boom will be used over radio mics as this can be kept a safe distance fro the cast and, some would say, sounds better anyway.

If Radio Mics are essential then I will supply pre sanitised mics and radio packs. Masks and gloves will be warn and, wherever possible, the cast will be asked to place their own  microphone. 

If radio mics are essential the production should try and schedule each actors lines together as they will need to be fully cleaned and sanitised before anyone else can use them. Production should also give careful consideration to micing the least number of people to avoid extra hire fees for additional radio mics.

Client monitors can still be supplied but each person requiring these should bring their own headphones. I will provide sanitised receivers.

Other departments should avoid handling sound equipment and a separate area should be assigned for the sound department.


Hope this is helpful. and lets all work together to make filming a safe and pleasurable experience for all.